COVID-19: 10 Players In Bundesliga Test Positive

Ten players in the German Football League (Bundesliga 1 and 2) have tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

According to Sky Sports, the players tested positive after a total of 1,724 COVID-19 tests were carried out on players from 36 clubs in Bundesliga 1 and 2.

Recall that the Bundesliga has been suspended since March due to the spread of Coronavirus across Europe.

The Bundesliga is ready to return to action on May 9 if the German government gives it the green light.

“If we start on May 9, we are ready. If it is later, we will be ready again,” DFL Chief Executive, Christian Seifert, said in April.

“For us, what is decisive is what the politicians will decide. It is not for us to determine when.”

“Games without spectators are not what we want, but at the moment, it’s the only thing that seems feasible.”

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