Honor Vision Smart TV: These Are The Main Specs and Features

It was an open secret that the Asian manufacturer was working on how to launch a new range of smart TVs. Now, Honor Vision is a reality. A device that reaches a market saturated with solutions, although it has some cards under the sleeve to make a difference with respect to its rivals. What are the key elements of this Huawei Smart TV?

The Chinese firm has decided to expand its product range with the first Huawei Smart TV . A device that has a 55-inch screen with 4K resolution, in addition to a spectacular design. But, so far we don’t see any difference from any other smart TV in the market. Let’s see how the Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro change with respect to their great rivals.

HarmonyOS, The Operating That Takes Care Of The New Huawei Honor Vision Smart TV

How could it be otherwise, more when the expected operating system of the Chinese firm was presented the previous day, HarmonyOS will be responsible for bringing Huawei Smart TV to life. In this way, both the Honor Vision and the Honor Vision Pro will be the first devices of the company to use this interface.

We talk about a multi-platform operating system , so we can squeeze the benefits of all the devices that have HarmonyOS to the fullest. For example, in addition to being able to control any compatible gadget from the Honor Vision smart screen, you can also see the internal cameras of your car. Or when you receive a video call, transmit the sound to a smart speaker and play the image on the screen of the Huawei Smart TV.

On the other hand, HarmonyOS is compatible with any application developed in HTML, HTML5, Android, Linux … Therefore, the immense catalog of applications and games available for Android TV, will work perfectly in the Honor Vision. Yes, it’s true that Google’s smart TV operating system has a brutal catalog of apps, but it’s not too well optimized. With HarmonyOS, you can enjoy the advantages of this ecosystem, added to a faster and more fluid interface.

Family Note Function and Honor Magic Link

Another of the great novelties that this smart television includes to make a difference with its rivals, comes with two tools: Family Note Function and Honor Magic Link . The first option allows us to transmit any type of content from our phone to Honor Vision smart screens at a speed that is 100 times higher than Bluetooth.

On the other hand, we have Honor Magic Link, a tool that we have already seen in the Honor MagicBook and that allows us to use the mobile phone to synchronize all kinds of content in real time. Are you taking notes on your smartphone and want to pass them to the Huawei Smart TV? No problem. Do you want to use the phone as a remote control? You can also do it. And yes, this functionality allows you to duplicate the terminal screen on smart TV.

If you take into account that this application allows you to link the phone or tablet with the Honor Vision in just 2 seconds , it looks really interesting. We can even pair both devices through NFC connectivity! Easier impossible.

The Fastest Internet Connection In The market

Finally, the Shenzhen-based manufacturer has opted for a HiSilicon Hi1103 processor . We speak of a chip that offers the highest Internet speed ever achieved on a smart TV. In this way, Huawei’s Smart TV manages to reach a bandwidth of up to 160 MHz, to offer download speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps. Duplicate its competitors, being ideal for playing multimedia content in 4K format.

Yes, today there are very few sources to enjoy content in this format. But when watching compatible Netflix movies, make video calls, remember that the Pro version has a retractable camera, in addition to using future services such as Google Stadia , things change.

In addition, the most vitaminized model, the Huawei Honor Vision Pro Smart TV, will have a starting price of 4,799 yuan, less than 610 euros to change, a very interesting figure, more taking into account its possibilities. Now we just have to wait for the manufacturer of the great leap to the European market, because its new range of televisions points very high.

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