Airtel Family Data Plans: Everything You Should Know

Airtel Nigeria launched the Airtel family plans a couple of months ago to cater to the data needs of every family.

The mobile operator specifically designed the plan to ensure that no one is left out, empowering all customers regardless of income and location to enjoy uninterrupted mobile Internet connection constantly.

With ‘Family Plan’, an Airtel data subscriber can share their data plan with up to five additional Airtel subscribers, giving them the liberty to allocate the volume of data each subscriber gets, with an option to also allow unlimited data limits.

The subscriber’s line, also known as the Master Line can register additional lines, known as Dependents and consequently purchase and allocate data using USSD code (*141#).

The ‘Family Plan’ comes with complimentary voice minutes and SMS that is accessible to group members and makes a great fit for families, SMEs, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) as well as small groups.

Share Airtel Family Plan

How Airtel Family Plans Works

For every dependent line added to a Master Line, a one-time benefit of 500MB is credited to the account, with an additional flat call rate of 12k/sec to all subscribers on the plan.

The new plan offers customers various packages to pick from, including N5000, which offers data volume of 20GB; N10, 000 with 50GB; while N15, 000 offers 80GB.

Other packages include N20,000 with up to 120GB data volume; N30, 000 with 200GB, and N50, 000, which offers a whopping 400GB data volume.

Each package offers complimentary bonus data of 500MB per added dependent, 50 minutes call time, and 100 SMS, with a maximum limit of 5 dependents per package.

Airtel Booster Plan

You can buy Booster Plan when you exhaust your family and friends’ data which runs on the same validity as your last purchased family plan. You can go for 8GB for 2000 or 18GB for N4000.

How to Subscribe to Airtel Family Plan

Dial *141# and choose the family plan to begin your journey.

To get more information on Airtel Family Plan, simply click here.

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