Coronavirus Discovered On Frozen Seafood In China

The Coronavirus has been discovered by Chinese Authorities on packaged and imported frozen seafood that arrived from the port city of Dalian.

Dalian is a major port in the northeastern province of Liaoning, which recently battled a surge of cases.

The virus was found on the outer packaging of frozen seafood which was bought by three companies in Yantai, a port city in eastern Shandong province.

According to the Yantai city government, the seafood was from an imported shipment that landed at Dalian.

The origin of the virus was however not disclosed.


Back in july, the virus was found on a package of shrimps from Ecuador, by customs officers in Dalian, a major port in the northeastern province of Liaoning.

This led to the suspension of imports from three Ecuadorean shrimp producers.

The novel coronavirus is believed to have emerged in a market that sold seafood and wildlife in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.

It has since spread around the world, with some new cases brought back into China from returning travellers.


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