Elon Musk: Tesla Robots Will Be Able To Cook And Take Care Of The Elderly People

Last month, an article by Elon Musk about the prospects for the development of technologies that change people’s lifestyle appeared in the official publication of the China Cyberspace Affairs Administration, which oversees information security issues.

Among other things, Musk shared his ideas about the areas of application of humanoid robots developed by Tesla.

“Tesla Inc. chief Elon Musk has contributed a column for the official publication of the Cyberspace Administration of China. The powerful agency that oversees data security for companies from Alibaba to Tencent. And works with other government organs to censor online content.

“The billionaire laid out a familiar vision for using technology to ensure humanity’s future for the July edition of the CAC’s official magazine. Joining local industry luminaries including Ant Group Co. Chairman Eric Jing, who offered his thoughts on responsible tech development that promotes inclusiveness” says Bloomberg.

The head of the company intends to demonstrate a workable prototype of such a Tesla Bot robot at the end of next month. And mass production will be available at an enterprise in Texas next year.

Musk has previously explained that such robots will initially be used to perform simple and repetitive tasks. But over time their software will evolve to the level that allows them. To turn into everyday assistants for a large number of people.


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