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Worker Dies In Petrol Tank In Kwara

A 29-year-old man has died while installing a petrol tank at a filling station along Offa garage road in the Kwara State. The deceased who is identified simply as Ahmed reportedly came from Ibadan with his boss, Abdulbasit Oladimeji for…

Some Facts About Valentine’s Day You Should Know

The Valentine's Day is seen as a day dedicated for love and romance in Nigeria and all over the world. The special day is February 14, when children and adults alike shower their friends and loved ones with gifts that range from cards…

Mysterious Cat In Court During Controversial Case (Video)

The unusual recently happened at a Kenyan court - a Cat appeared out of nowhere during a controversial ruling on a referendum application. The case known as #BBIRuling has been trending on social media and it means “Building Bridges…

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