HelpNow Initiative: All You Should Know (Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs)

HelpNow is an initiative designed to help the wellbeing of economically poor people during the Covid-19 crisis; people living in Lagos State who rely on daily activities to make their income (petty traders), the physically challenged people, as well as the elderly.

The objective of the HelpNow initiative is to “To deliver 5,000 Naira monthly to over 2 million vulnerable Lagosians through a crowdfunding model/campaign that rallies the support of well-meaning individuals and corporates to give”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind the initiative?

This initiative is led by Softcom Limited and supported by MTN, Lagos State Government, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Eyowo, SANEF, GTBank, Providus Bank, Future Africa, Qrios, Bank of Industry, John Ashley, Wilddreams and Banwo & Ighodalo.

HelpNow Initiative launched by Softcom and MTN

How did we identify people?

We sourced the identities of the needy people in Lagos from reliable sources such as  the Lagos State World Bank Data on the poorest households; LASRRA data on aged Lagosians and those living with disabilities; Bank of Industry Data on Market Women;  and Telco data (MTN and Airtel) on the poorest Lagosians.

How did we verify them?

Using a weighting system, we assigned a vulnerability score for each potential beneficiary, taking the following attributes into consideration:

-Area of Residence

-Age Grouping

-Social Class

-Family/Household size


How are the funds raised?

  1. Make a donation via our website, USSD, for cash donations.
  2. At every accumulated 5,000 -10,000 Naira, the system would automatically select a verified beneficiary and disburse to their bank account or phone number.
  3. The donor receives an email and SMS receipt.

How did we ensure transparency on this initiative?

Donors can track all donations and disbursements through

Deloitte will also provide audit reports on the platforms and through other information dissemination channels to ensure that everyone is adequately carried along through the process.

How To Be A Donor

How do I donate?

Dial *4255*19# or Visit Click the “Give Now” button Select a defined amount or enter a custom amount.

Enter your personal information.

Select your payment method (Card payment, Bank Transfer, USSD code, QR code or Eyowo), enter the required information and follow the rest of the instructions.

Do I get to see open data on all my donations?

Yes. You can see data of the impact of your generosity on the Impact page.

Can I donate more than once?

You can donate as many times as you want to.

How secure are the online donations I am making?

Donations are made using our secure online and offline channels -Eyowo, Paystack, and GTB 737. We do not store your card, bank, or account details, as payments are made directly to these channels. Upon a successful payment transaction, we simply get notified and then update your donation as complete.

How do we disburse money to the beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries will receive the funds disbursed via one of 2 channels:

via Bank Accounts

via Phone Numbers.

Once a beneficiary receives money on their phone number, an SMS is sent to them, they can then withdraw by bank transfer, or a cardless ATM withdrawal.

A second SMS would be sent to provide information on cash out options such as transfer to wallets, bank accounts, cardless withdrawal.

How To Be A Beneficiary

How do beneficiaries cashout?

1. Via Bank Transfer

  1. The account number received from our partners would be validated and Credited.
  2. Beneficiaries can transfer the funds received via their existing bank channels. USSD, mobile banking, internet banking, POS, ATM etc

2. Via Phone numbers (Eyowo)

  1. Dial *4255*19*4# to access the funds which have been credited to your Eyowo account.
  2. A List of options of service you can carry out on eyowo is provided below
  3. Select the number (1, 2, 3, …) associated to the service you want to carry out
  4. Authorize transaction.

3. Via Sanef Agent (Coming soon)

  1. Dial *4255*19*4#
  2. Select the “Withdraw Cash” option by inputting number 4 on USSD.
  3. Choose which channel you would like to use -SANEF
  4. For SANEF agent, press 1
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  6. Authorize the transaction by inputting your Eyowo PIN. Once you perform the actions above, you would receive an Eleven (11) digit cash code which you would provide when meeting the respective agent.

As soon as the agent verifies the code, you would be handed your cash.

4. Via MTN Momo Agents (Coming soon)

  1. Dial *4255*19*4#
  2. Select the “Withdraw Cash” option by inputting number 4 on USSD.
  3. Choose which channel you would like to use -Momo
  4. For Momo agent, press 2
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  6. Authorize the transaction by inputting your Eyowo PIN.

Once the transaction is successful, 2 pairs of codes are sent as a text message to your number. When you meet a Momo agent you would provide the codes for validation. Once the code is validated successfully, the agent would provide cash for you.

5. Via ATM

  1. Dial *4255*19*4#
  2. Select the “Withdraw Cash” option by inputting number 4 on USSD.
  3. Choose which channel you would like to use -ATM
  4. For ATM, press 3
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  6. Authorize the transaction by inputting your Eyowo PIN.
  7. Once the transaction is successful, a code is sent as a text message to your number.
  8. Visit a nearby ATM which processes cardless withdrawal and enter your code. Cash will be dispensed from the ATM if the code is valid.

How can beneficiaries set up Eyowo PIN to access credited funds?

-Dial *4255*19*4#

-Select option “1”

-Enter your six digit code

-Select Option “1”

-Re-enter your six digit code.

-Select Option ”1” to successfully set up your Pin

How do beneficiaries access the funds if sent to their phone numbers?

We are using a payment platform called Eyowo to deliver the funds directly to the beneficiaries’ phone numbers. Beneficiaries who receive funds through this channel will be contacted by our support staff on how to cash out their funds to any bank account of their choice (family member or friends).

How does the USSD beneficiary confirmation work?

Dial the code *4255*19*4357#

It brings you to “Welcome to HelpNow, Do you need help?”

If you select “NO”, it would automatically opt you out of the service.

Beneficiary selects Yes if interested

The next step is to select occupation i.e. choose from the list what work you do

(Labourer, Farmer, Security, Domestic, Cleaner, Trader, Retire, I no get work).

After selecting what work you do, you would receive a message -“Thank you, we will let you know when your money is ready”.

NOTE: If the dialling number is not present in our database/records, this service is automatically unavailable to you.


Does the Eyowo CashCode expire?

Yes it does after 48hrs

Does the MTN MoMo code expire?

Yes it does after 30days.

How to get help?

Kindly contact our helpline -017001514


Send an email to

Can I withdraw a part of the money sent to me and keep the remaining in the Eyowo account?

Yes you can. Eyowo is a bank on everyone’s phone. Your money is secure with us and you can have access to it whenever you want and wherever you are.

Visit for more information.

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