How To Activate MTN Keep My Number

MTN Keep My Number is a special service that allows MTN prepaid customers to retain their numbers in the event that they travel out of the country or stay inactive/dormant on the MTN Network for more than 180 days.

Why You Need To Activate The MTN Keep My Number?

1. To prevent your MTN number from being disconnected or re-cycled.

2. To save the cost of reprinting business cards and updating websites when your mobile contacts gets disconnected and recycled.

3. Your number will be reserved irrespective of how long you stay out of the Country.

4. You get to reduce or completely avoid the cost high roaming charges while trying to keep your SIM active.

KMN is of three types, there is that of 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

How To Activate MTN Keep My Number

1 year: Dial *365*1# or send KMN1 to 36500 to activate. You will be charged N500 and validity period is 1 year.

2 years: Dial *365*2# or send KMN2 to 36500 to activate. You will be charged N800 and validity period is 2 years.

3 years: Dial *365*3# or send KMN3 to 36500 to activate. You will be charged N1200 and validity period is 3 years.

The table below shows summary of MTN Keep My Number Bundles with the current Service Charge;

Services USSD Subscription Command SMS Subscription Command Current Service Charge Validity
Keep My Number *365*1# KMN1 to 36500 N511.90 1 year
*365*2# KMN2 to 36500 N819.05 2 years
*365*3# KMN3 to 36500 N1228.57 3 years

Service can be deactivated by dialing *365*4#

Important Note:

Subscribers who is already barred due to SIM Registration cannot activate Keep My Number.

MTN Keep My Number

Customers who has not linked his/her NIN cannot activate Keep My Number.

Multiple activation of KMN service is not allowed.

Auto-renewal service is available to allow service renew after expiration once the subscribers has sufficient credit on the line.

How To Opt Out Of MTN Keep My Number

What if you don’t want to re-subscribe to the MTN Keep My Number service after 365 days?

Simply dial *365*4# to opt out of the service.

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