How To Apply For Buhari Young Farmers Network Program 2020

Buhari Young Farmers Network has launched a program aimed at recruiting 100 young Nigerians from each local government with a target of 2000 young Nigerian per Local Government before the end of 2021. The successful applicants will be engaged in farming activities across different priority value chains.

“Our aim is for Mr. President to leave a legacy and for his name to be immortalized. These young farmers will be encouraged to go into commercial farming by targeting youths especially graduates with aim of catching them young and encouraging them to go into digital agriculture.”

How Can I Apply For Buhari Young Farmers Network Program 2020

If you want to apply for the program, simply visit the link below;

Apple For Buhari Young Farmers Network

NOTE: As at the time of writing, the application portal resource is been updated and Will Be Back Online Soon.

Applicants are advised to please crosscheck and make sure the information you provide on the portal is accurate before submitting, especially your Local Government if not you’ll be disqualify.

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