How To Deactivate Your Bank Account USSD Profile When You Lost Your Phone

Peradventure you (or anyone around u) lose a phone, here is a guide to prevent financial losses.

Zenith Bank Office

The thieves steal victims’ money from their bank accounts using USSD. So in case anyone loses phone around you, quickly help deactivate USSD profile to his/her BANK ACCOUNT by dialing the below codes from ANY PHONE.

1. Access: *901*911#

2. Zenith: *966*911#

3. GTB: *737*51*74#

4. WEMA: *945*911#

5. FirstBank: *894*911#

6. Keystone: *7111*911#

7. UBA: *919*911#

8. FCMB: *329*911#

9. Sterling Bank: *822*911#

10. Unity Bank: *7799*911#

11. Fidelity Bank: *770*911#

12. Heritage Bank: *745*7#

13. Ecobank: *326*911#

When you dial the code from any line, you will be asked to enter the phone number you want to deactivate, and that settles it.

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