How to Register for the N-Agro FMARD Validation

There is a great opportunity for Npower Agro beneficiaries as FMARD is currently employing N-Agro beneficiaries to enumerate data, seed and fertilizer to about 2 million farmers in Nigeria. So, if you are one of the aforementioned beneficiaries, it is highly recommended you fill the online FMARD form.

In this article you will learn how to access and register your interest on the FMARD website registration Portal for Npower Agro Validation.

What Is FMARD And Its Functions?

FMARD was created in 1966, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources had passed through a serial modification of appellations to suit the prevailing climes of mergers and demergers with related sectors. All the same, the adjustment enabled the Federal Government to play a leading role in promoting agricultural activities in the country.

Ensure food security in crop, livestock and fisheries, stimulate agricultural employment and services, promote the production and supply of raw materials to agro industries, provide markets for the products of the industrial sector, generate foreign exchange and aid rural socio-economic development”

How to Register for the N-Agro FMARD Validation Registration 2020

First off, you must have received an email from the authority before you register, saying something similar to the below;

“Dear N-Power Agro Beneficiaries, If you have received an email from the link below, kindly fill with your details. This has been authorized by us. Ensure you fill the form through the link below.”

N-Agro FMARD Validation

Fill in the correct details as required, then submit your registration form

Closing date Npower Agro FMARD Validation Survey Form for Npower batch A&B Beneficiaries

The email has a deadline and some NPower volunteer did not meet up with the deadline because they refused to fill the form and the link expired.

If you are among those who got the email and the link in your email has expired, don’t worry. A new link is out for you to fill before 11th May 2020 but hopefully it might be extended.

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