How To Verify CAC Registration Number Of A Company

Have you registered your business or urgently need your Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) details? You don’t need to be looking for certificate or panic over the status of your business registration. There is a CAC verification site that can help you out with your details.

On the verification page, You can verify CAC number of any registered Business name, Incorporated Trustees and Companies in Nigeria.

With this, you can also verify business name or verify CAC certificate of any business or organization in Nigeria before going into any business deals with them.

How To Verify CAC Registration number

To verify any business claimed to have registered with CAC, simply;

1: Go to :

How To Verify CAC Registration number

2: Enter the CAC registration number of the business.

3: Click “Search

On the result page, click on the business name, company or incorporated trustees tab as the case may be.

NOTE: If the number you entered is a valid number of an entity registered with CAC in Nigeria, you will see the RC or BN number with the registered name and address.

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