Man Finds His ‘Dead’ Wife In City With Another Man After 6 Years Ago

A man who believed to have buried his wife in 2015 spotted her again with another man alleged to be her boyfriend in Kenya.

The man identified as Uchenga Ikahiru saw his supposedly dead wife Laira Abigail in Nairobi after a long time.

Ikahiru revealed that he spent a long time with her before her faked death in 2015. He said he was shocked when he confronted her and asked if she was the one and she replied in the affirmative.

Man Whose Wife 6 Years Ago Finds Her In The City With Another Man 1

He said “I cannot believe my eye after seeing her, she was buried and all her funeral rights were done, she cannot deny, she is the one.” 

Trusted sources who confirmed the case revealed that the woman had faked her own death to escape the marriage. She had planned to divorce her husband to be with her lover but he denied her the divorce.

Abigail also confirmed this and said:  ” It is true, I had to do this because of the way I was treated in that marriage, I never had happiness in that marriage and I wanted freedom. ”

The mother of the accused, Portia Laira was invited to court to share her side of the story and she revealed that she was aware of the situation and supported her daughter because she wanted her to be happy.

Man Whose Wife 6 Years Ago Finds Her In The City With Another Man 2

The Nairobi High Court is yet to pass a judgment on the situation as there was a huge altercation between both families in court.

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