Microsoft To Integrate AI Into Windows 12

Following the release of a new version of Windows, the Redmond firm starts working on a new version of the system. The same happened after the launch of Windows 11.

Now, it is working on a new “modern” version of Windows (we guess it’s Windows 12). The latter is said to come with better security and faster updates.

The information comes from Windows Central, which says that the so-called CorePC will allow the system to adapt better to different devices while still being compatible with old apps.

Windows 12 With AI

Like iOS and Android, CorePC will use “state separation” and split Windows into multiple partitions. This will make it harder for malware to infect the system. At the same time, Microsoft will update it faster.

“The current version of Windows is not a partitioned state platform, which means the entire system is installed on a single writable partition,” explains Windows Central.

Microsoft Windows 11

“System files, user data, and program files are all stored in the same place. CorePC splits the OS into multiple partitions, which is key to faster OS updates. State separation also enables faster and more reliable system reset functionality, which is important for Chromebook-competitive devices in the education sector.”

In simple terms, Microsoft wants to offer different editions of Windows for different hardware. This is logical. Each device has specific purposes and uses specific third-party apps. So there is no need to have the latest version of Windows on all devices.

For example, if we are talking about an educational device, it might only run the Edge browser, web apps, Office, and emulated Android apps. On the other hand, if you have a PC with a powerful configuration, you want it to run the latest Windows OS.

It’s not hard to guess that Microsoft will integrate AI into the new system. According to the source, the AI will analyze the content of the screen and give appropriate tips.

The next version of Windows is due in 2024. If so, Windows 12 will be one of the first systems to integrate AI.


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