MultiChoice to launch its own Smart TV called DStv Glass

MultiChoice Group had on Thursday announced that it is planning to launch its own smart TV called DStv Glass and this would be in partnership with the UK’s Sky, the 4K flat-screen TV will be available next year.

Sky Glass TV in sizes

According to the CEO of MultiChoice in Johannesburg, the TV, which will be available in sizes of 43, 55 and 65 inches at launch (with larger sizes possibly coming later), will allow viewers to navigate a range of products from different sources, including Showmax and Netflix.

The voice-activated TV is based entirely on streaming — no satellite dish is needed, only a broadband connection. The product is based on a TV and interface launched by Sky in the UK, called Sky Glass.

Sky Glass TV in sizes

The DStv Glass TV will support 4K HDR and features Dolby Atmos cinema sound through an integrated sound bar. It will ship in different sizes as well as various colour options.

According to MultiChoice, it will become Sky’s second global syndication partner for Glass after Australia’s Foxtel.

“Glass offers a world-class streaming aggregation product that will include the collation and search functionality across MultiChoice Group’s own content and third-party apps,” the company said in a statement.

“This content experience will be available on Glass panels as well as a range of other MultiChoice devices.”

Sky Glass is powered by Comcast’s global technology platform that also serves its North America partners Rogers, Cox, Shaw and Videotron.

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