N-Power: Over 300,000 Volunteers Will Be Transitioned Once CBN Criteria Is Met

The federal government has announced that over 300,000 N-Power Batch A and Batch B N-Power Volunteers will be transitioned to economic opportunities once Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) selection criteria are met.

This was disclosed in a recent FAQ page shared online by N-Power (see image below).

Over 300000 Npower Volunteers Will Be Transitioned

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mNaija understands that the CBN selection criteria will be based on the business proposals together with the viability of business an N-Power Batch A and B volunteer is able to execute.

The N-Power transition programme will definitely commence, and most N-Power Batch A and B volunteers will be given soft loans to start a business of their choice, soft loans might be interest free, might have long tenure for repayment and will definitely be flexible.

Some N-Power Batch A and B volunteers might also be given some jobs as financial agents it all depends on the availability in these sector.

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