NCC Releases Guide On How To Keep Your Children Safe Online

The world is still battling to free itself from the terrible claws the COVID-19 and its impact, including the fact that students are forced to spend more time at home which implies, more screen time (offline and online). in this light, the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC has produced an educative material showing how parents could keep their children safe as they resort to visual learning.

This is part of the commission’s effort to ensure the safety of Nigerian children while they learn from home.

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has brought to bear a shift in the norms, putting more activities, including education of children, online. This has leapfrogged Nigerian children into the future. Online activities have acquired new meaning and become the reality of Nigerian parents and children.

Screen time and screen activities are the new normal. Parents are constantly searching for online learning platforms, TV stations are providing more childbased educational content and schools are teaching via Zoom, Google Classroom and YouTube.

Find below the helpful material shared by NCC.

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