Netflix Launches “Play Something” on Android

Netflix has launched another feature on its mobile app dubbed has “Play something” globally for android users. The company wants to make it easier for its mobile users to find something to watch easily from its movie library and TV shows.

The new feature lets Netflix choose a movie or TV show for you to watch with ease. The service recommends content using an algorithm based on your viewing history and taste.

Netflix Launches Play Something on Android

If you click the button again, Netflix will start playing one of the following:

  • A brand new series or film
  • A series or movie you’re already watching
  • A series or movie on your list
  • An unfinished series or movie you may want to revisit

The new feature is not yet supported on iOS just yet. Netflix said that it will begin testing the shuffle function on iOS in the coming months, though.

Separately, the service has also launched the “Fast Laughs” feature on Android mobile devices in select countries…

In other news, Netflix Download for You tool is coming to iOS in the coming months, launched earlier this year on Android, the opt-in feature automatically downloads stuff to watch offline based on your viewing history.

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