New SIM Registration Begins Today

After about 4 months of placing ban on new Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) registration in Nigeria, the Federal government has finally lifted the ban, and sales of new SIM registrations begins today.

Nigerians and foreigners alike can now buy and register new Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) beginning from today April 19.

This development followed the Nigerian Federal Government’s resolve to lift the ban on new SIM registration on April 15, 2021.

Dr. Isa Pantami, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and the Digital Economy, alongside other industry stakeholders, has made the National Identity Number (NIN) mandatory for acquiring and activating new SIMs for individuals, corporates, and SIM replacement.

According to the statement, possession of a National Identity Number (NIN) will be a prerequisite for new SIM acquisition and activation, SIM replacement, new SIM activation for corporates, and Internet-of-Things/Machine-to-Machine (IoT/M2M), amongst others.

You can simply walk into any experience center closest to you register for a new SIM or request for a sim replacement with a valid NIN number.


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