Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment 2023: Download Referee/Guarantor Form Here (PDF)

As an applicant in the ongoing Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Recruitment 2023, you will need to submit a referee form also known as the Guarantor form during the screening exercise.

In this guide, you will learn where to download the form and those who are eligible to sign it.

According to the Nigeria Immigration Service, the NIS recruitment guarantor form must be filled and signed by two referees and not by the Applicants themselves.

Two people expected to stand as your referees must be responsible members of the society with good reputation.

Now, if you are to stand as a referee/guarantor for someone, please make sure it’s a well-known individual with good behaviour to avoid dragging yourself into future troubles.

The NIS guarantor form must also be filled in the Guarantor’s handwriting and not applicants.

Who Are Those Eligible To Stand as Your Referees for NIS Recruitment

  • Traditional rulers
  • Magistrates
  • Chairman of your Local Government
  • Secretary to State or Local Government,
  • Head of Educational Institutions attended (i.e. Principals , Rectors, Provosts and Vice Chancellors)
  • PG of your town

Below is a statement issued by the Nigeria Immigration Service regarding the signing of Guarantors Form.

“This recruitment exercise requires that a candidate seeking appointment must produce two (2) credible, responsible and acceptable persons as referee’s. If you are willing to stand as referee for this applicant, kindly complete this form in your own handwriting.

“Please Note that it is very dangerous to stand as referee for persons whom you do not know well”.

NB: These categories of people can also stand as your guarantor:

  • Career Civil Servants not below the rank of Grade Level 12
  • Immigration Officer not below the rank of CSI
  • Paramilitary or Military officers of equivalent rank.

How To Download Nigeria Immigration Service Guarantors Forms

To download the form, please follow the download link below.

Download Nigeria Immigration Service Guarantors Forms

Note: Print out the form in color before taking it to your referees for filling and signing.

You are also expected to come to the NIS recruitment screening with the duly completed form

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