Nigerian Youth Developed A Cellphone Makes, Receives Calls Without SIM or Airtime

A Nigerian Northerner has developed a cellphone that can make and receive calls without a sim card or recharge card.

Gashu’a-born Usman Umar Dagona emerged first in Imaging National Chemistry Competition which was held recently in Abuja. Dagona broke a decade-long record being the first northerner to take the position. Organized by the federal government, the Imaging National Chemistry Competition is a contest that gives room for Chemistry students to share knowledge and solve a science-related problem.

Umar Dagona against all odds has developed a cellphone that doesn’t require a SIM card or recharge card to make or receive a call and has promised to take it to the next level.

Reacting to this innovation, some Nigerians believed that the big boys in the telecom industry who control the market may not support or will do everything to prevent the adoption of such technology because it will affect their profit-making if this is adopted.

Nigerian Youth Developed A Cellphone

Disruptive technology is the technology that affects the normal operation of a market or an industry. It displaces a well-established product or technology, creating a new industry or market.

George Ejere said “Great achievement by the young man. But I’m not sure the NCC or the telcos will approve of this invention. And even the Ministry of Communications too. There will be no SIM to attach a NIN to.”

Herbert Ichama said:

My suggestion is that we should learn to invest in our innovations and not simply advertise them for simple recognition… The USA used the internet for 30 years in their military before anyone knew what the internet is…soon we shall lose another innovator/resource to sponsorship in the USA

Ladi Tokosi said:

He needs to get out of Nigeria in his Youth and build upon his Creative Talents. Opportunities in the creative ecosystem outside Nigeria are endless. All you need is a Vision and Passion to Make an Impact and Dream Big. The system is designed to Shape you and convert Invention into Innovation that gets Commercialised. Forget loyalties, except to Excellence, and have a Backpack full of Determination and Ruggedness. You need to lose yourself in your Dream, to find your true Calling – irrespective of where it takes you. You can start in Togo and hit it Big in Afghanistan: just follow your own path and pray for Grace.

A friend of Umar said he was with him some couple of days back at Yobe state government house and they are taking the project collaboratively to the next level.

I was with Usman Dagona yesterday, at Yobe State Government house Damaturu. We are taking it to the next level collaboratively.

We will like to know what you think about using a mobile device that can make and receive calls without a sim chip or recharge card.

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