NYSC Warns Filmmakers Against The Use Of Corps Uniform In Movies

The management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has warned Filmmakers to follow normal procedures in getting approval, before using corps members’ uniform in their movies.

The warning was issued by Mr Christian Oru, NYSC Assistant Director of Legal Services, during a meeting between National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) and creative industry stakeholders in Lagos.

According to Oru, the corp will no longer tolerate the illegal use of its uniform in movies.

He further directed that filmmakers to submit an application letter, while stating exactly what the uniform would be used for.

He went on to add that the NYSC must be acknowledged in the movie, asides submitting their scripts to enable them observe how NYSC would be represented in the movie.

Oru said “For any film maker that wants any of his casts to wear the corps members’ uniform while shooting movies, we require that you write an application letter to NYSC to indicate your interest.

“We also demand that you submit your script to us for proper vetting to know how NYSC will be represented.

“We know the script is your copyright and we will do everything to ensure confidentiality.”

Announcing that administrative handling charges have been introduced for filmmakers before the use of the uniforms, the NYSC Assistant Director of Legal Services also said NYSC is open to allowing filmmakers to advertise their movies on its various camp grounds.

He added “We want a token from what you generate from the production of such movies where our uniforms are used, this is known as administrative charges.

“This is because we spend money to produce these uniforms, we will like to work with you and we promise that we will all be on the same page to ensure we are developing the industry and the nation as well.”

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