Watch A Police Officer Being Punished For Calling An Air Force Operative A “Yahoo Boy”

A video of an Air Force operative on mufti punishing a police officer who accused him of being an internet fraudster (popularly as Yahoo Boy among Nigerian youths) has gone viral on the social media.

According to the video sighted by, an officer of the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) who was on mufti was accused by a police officer of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) of being a “Yahoo boy“, a description which has been given to most Nigerian youths especially by officers of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS).

This description apparently did not go down well with the Air Force operative on mufti, thus made him to reached out to some of his colleagues. Upon the arrival of the other Air force officers in fully kitted uniforms, the Police officer in question was spotted undergoing punishment. He was asked to do frog-jump while they make video of the exercise reports that the video which was uploaded on the micro-blogging site, Twitter by a twitter user, Samuel Naijablogger, had the caption: A Police Officer accused an Air Force Operative on Mufti of being a Yahoo boy. This was the aftermath after more Airforce Operatives arrived the scene.”

You can Watch the video below;

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