Redmi 6A explosion reported kills Indian woman; Xiaomi is investigating

Xiaomi has announced that it is investigating a report of an alleged Redmi 6A explosion that caused the death of an India woman.

This is coming after a tweet by a man on September 9, stating that his aunt was found dead due to a blast by her Redmi 6A.

According to the company, says customer safety is of utmost importance and extreme seriousness. Xiaomi India says its team is trying to get in touch with the affected family and determine the cause of the incident.

The man’s tweet also included screenshots of the shattered Redmi 6A and the woman lying in a pool of her blood. The man called out Xiaomi to take responsibility for the incident. The man stated that his aunt used her smartphone basically for calling and YouTube and the explosion may have been due to the phone’s battery.

Redmi 6A explosion reported kills Indian woman

Xiaomi Reacts

Xiaomi India has not provided much optics on the investigation it had commenced, but we expect to get a definitive report of what actually happened.

Redmi 6A

The team should be able to identify the proximate cause (s) of the alleged explosion. It is unclear whether the details of such an investigation could be made public but safety issues as this should also involve the regulatory agencies. Xiaomi also did not provide a timeline for the conclusion of the investigation but it must be comprehensive.

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