TStv: You Can Pay As Low As N2 Per Day For A channel, Launching Today

Following so much talk on the relaunch of TStv Africa, the Pay Tv operator has announced that it will be the first to implement the pay per view model in Nigeria. You

Bright Echefu, the chief executive officer of Telecomm Satellite TV (TStv), says his organization will be the first to implement the pay-per-view model in Nigeria.

TStv has over 100 channels that will be made available for as low as N2 per day and as high as N5 for a channel.

TSTV N2 per view

“We are going to be the first to implement pay-per-view. What TSTV has done is, allow you to create your own bouquet and you have channels that are as low as N2 per day,” he said.

“If you have a N50 voucher, you are actually watching TV and saving your money.”

Echefu said no other organization has as much high definition (HD) channels as they do.

“Nobody has as many HD channels as we do. We are rolling out with about 108 channels. We are going to be the first in sub-Saharan Africa to implement H.265,” the CEO said.

TStv has invested a lot in acquiring rights. Most channels are as low as N5 per day. As a gift to Nigerians, we are releasing one of our sports channels free for a year.”

He said La Liga would be free but viewers would have to pay to view other football leagues, adding that about 18 states would be activated once they roll out their services on October 1.

We’ll communicate the 18 states where the decoder will be available for grab and how much you can pick each decoder.

The relaunch is today October 1, after battling different challenges for about 3 years. Stay tuned with us as we get more information from the pay-TV operator. Watch this space.

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