Warning! Using Your Smartphone Like This May Cause Blindness

Doctors are warning smartphone users about the potentially irreversible damage that can be done after one man went temporarily blind while playing games on his phone in bed.

According to the victim Wang from Xi’an, that he momentarily lost his sight after playing games on his smartphone with the lights off.

Medical professionals say he suffered what is known as an “eye stroke” and the damage can be devastating.

Smartphone in the dark can negatively affect your vision

“I was using my right eye to look at my phone, and I could see some words but not others,” Wang told the South China Morning Post.

“I love playing on my phone, but at night my wife doesn’t want me using it because the screen light is too bright after the lights have been turned off.”

According to Wang’s doctor Lei Tao, his temporarily blindness was caused by an “overuse of electronic items,” which can lead to “excessive strain on vision”.

“The occurrence rate is getting higher each year, and there is a trend of younger victims.

“The rate of permanent blindness is also high, which can seriously affect the patient’s quality of life and contribution to society.”

Research shows that using a smartphone at night, in the dark, especially during bedtime, can actually cause the feeling of “transient smartphone blindness”

Here is What You Should Do to Prevent It

  • At night, reduce the brightness of your smartphone to the minimum in order to avoid stories that touch the eyes and affect the economy of your pocket.
  • Those of you using a laptop, you’ll notice that your eyes are gradually being affected probably because you stay too much on the system and as a result, it’s affecting your vision. Reduce your system brightness to the minimum.


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