What Is RETOPA? It’s Services and Description/FAQs

RETOPA is an incentivized Electronic Voucher and Data distribution technology for both users and retailers. It is a seamless way to top-up offline riding on NFC, QR and USSD.

RETOPA has a primary device for Retail Points; users can be top-up direct from the App and Via USSD (Vouchers Codes).


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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) on RETOPA Services

1. What is operator time out?

Operator timeout is 20 seconds and what user get is SP timeout because the Airtime platform is not responding or slow to responding

2. What is failed?

SP timeout can result into failed recharge. Customer is expected to try after sometime.

3. What is invalid pin/ooops Exit?

Invalid pin means the recharged PIN does not exist on Retopin database.

4. What is unable to recharge, please try again later.?

This means the PIN is valid but recharged failed. Customer is expected to try again.

5. What is Successful recharge?

This means the loaded PIN is valid and customer phone number has been recharged successfully which makes the PIN invalid.

6. What is PIN recharged by you?

This means the loaded PIN been recharged by same line that got the message.

7. What about Damaged PIN?

The Customer can share the Serial Number and PIN will be reissued from our Database.

Where To Download RETOPA APK App

To download RETOPA app, simply click HERE.

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