WhatsApp now lets you Delete Messages sent over 2 days ago

WhatsApp is releasing a new update to its messaging service. The new update brings a quality of life change and will offer users a longer time period for deleting messages that have already been sent. Now, one can basically delete messages that were sent a little over two days ago.

In case you are unaware, the Delete for Everyone option typically only works for a bit over an hour, but the period has been extended even further. Previously, this deletion option had been limited to one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. And now, the Delete for Everyone option will be available for more than 2 days and 12 hours. So, you can still remove your message and have it replaced with “This message was deleted”.

How To Delete For Everyone on WhatsApp

The social media giant announced this update earlier today (9th August 2022). To delete a message, simply press and hold on to the message you wish to delete then select Delete > Delete for everyone.

However, keep in mind, for this function to work as intended, both the sender and receiver must be on the latest version of WhatsApp. This feature was first discovered being tested on the iOS platform last month. Now, it is finding its way to the final builds, as per the official Twitter handle.

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