Zenith Bank Master Card Gets US$100 Spend Limit Per Month

Lately, some users woke up to find limitation placed on their GTbank Naira Master Card for purchasing things online from international sites using. This is due to the spend limits of $100 placed on the card per month. Other banks are beginning to follow suit which is bad for business for those who often buy from international sites.

If you own a Zenith Bank Master Card, you can only spend $100 per month on that card… According to Zenith bank, “Monthly international spend limit for zenith bank Naira Card has been reviewed to US$100 while the use of Zenith Bank Naira cards for international Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash withdrawals is still temporarily suspended.

Zenith Bank Master Card

Except you have a GTB Dollar or Zenith Dollar card, otherwise, at the moment, these cards are temporarily useless if you often buy and sale online; but I’ve made a compilation of sites where you can get Virtual dollar master cards, use it for most of your online transactions without any limits.

You can use these virtual dollar cards to pay on Spotify, Netflix Subscription, Facebook Advert, buy from AliExpress, and even do more.

You can check the article on how to get any of these “Virtual Dollar Cards” here and then decide which to go for.

Let us know if your bank master card as of today still doesn’t have any limits on international spending.

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